Red Wine Altano Vinhas Próprias 2016 Douro DOC
Red Wine Altano Vinhas Próprias 2016 Douro DOCRed Wine Altano Vinhas Próprias 2016 Douro DOC

Vinho Tinto
Vinhas Próprias 2016, 75cl
Douro DOC




 Servir a 16º-18º

16/20  Revista de Vinhos


O Produtor, Nota de prova publicada em 30 de Setembro de 2015

Aroma a frutos vermelhos, especiarias e algumas notas florais. Na boca corpo médio, elegante, com taninos doces. Final de boca médio, longo.

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This Altano Douro red wine is made by the Symington family, entirely from grapes grown in their own vineyards, located along the length of the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal. The family is now into its fifth generation of Douro winemakers, although its involvement with the wines of the Douro can be traced back 14 generations to the mid 17th Century.

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Symington Family Estates

There is a natural affinity between wine and family. Long-term vision and commitment through many generations are essential for the success of a family wine company. A newly planted vineyard takes time to produce great wines and often requires a lifetime’s work to yield best results. The Symington family, with Scottish, English and Portuguese ancestry has been present in the Douro for five generations — since 1882 — and through the current generation’s great grandmother, the family’s links to the wines of the Douro span 14 generations, to the mid-17th century and to the very beginnings of the history of Port.


Symington Family Estates Vinhos, Lda.

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